About Hidero Unuma Lab


1982 BSc, Tohoku University (Inorganic Chemistry)
1982 - 1995 Researcher, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology
1993 Ph.D, Kyoto University
1993 - 1994 Visiting scholar, University of California, Los Angeles
1995 - 1999 Associate Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
1999 - Associate Professor, Yamagata University
Editorial board member, Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan

Research Activities
1. Ceramic processing using aqueous solutions (thin film deposition, enzyme-aided precipitation)
2. Processing of electronic ceramics (ceramic capacitors, varistors, semiconductors)
3. Thermoelectric materials (powder processing, exploring new oxide materials)
4. Utilization of natural resources (zeolites, silica source)

1996 Taro Yamashita Award for Young Scientists (Taro Yamashita Foundation)
1997 1997 JCerSJ Distinguished Paper Award (The Ceramic Society of Japan)
2002 Advanced Powder Technology Distinguished Paper Award (The Society of Powder Technology, Japan)